Halloween, Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

31st October, 1995. I’m 10 years old and my friends and I are out trick-or-treating in tacky store-bought Halloween costumes.

We’ve been down all the streets in our neighborhood and collected a decent amount of candies in our plastic pumpkin buckets. There’s just one house left, and trust me, it’s creepy at the best of times but on this night it has a particularly scary aura to it.

The house is set back a bit from the others along a short path that’s dark from all the trees hanging overhead. The only street lamp along the path hasn’t worked for years.

It’s one of the oldest houses in the area, and its sole occupant is one of the oldest too – this weird Japanese man who is rarely seen out. Some say he is an old samurai master; others tell stories of his adventures as a real-life ninja back in Japan – but whatever his background, nobody really knows why he lives here or what he does with his days. Continue reading “Halloween, Trick or Treat”