Why golliwood?

Attention to all humanoids:

you are currently located in a total fantasy land… golliwood.

The first rule is:
There are no rules.
We are stationed in golliwood and someone or something from here will advise every month a title of a post. OR there may be a list published in the welcome page. We then ask YOU to write a minimum 500 words on the topic of the title.

You can then go to work on your tripiest, wildest fantasy story.. let it ALL GO…

AND since there are no rules our crazy wild editor here requests that SOMEWHERE in your fanatsy story you mention Japan… not just mention but weave Japan into the story even if it is just a tiny piece of it.

Your reward: Nada… just the pleasure of letting your fantasy run wild and that it MAY get published.

That’s it.
See you in golliwood once per month to write or READ someone’s fantasy…
most probably mine: AIJ

write me here   OR check out the post title list in the welcome post here