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Welcome one and ALL…

Remember what i said in ‘why golliwood?” .. There are no rules here.

Fantasy is our name and Fantasy is our Game.

  • Release
  • Let go
  • Surrender                                                 wild fantasy
  • All out
  • All in
  • Forget
  • Forgive
  • Lose yourself
  • Go out of this world
  • Embrace everything
  • Embrace nothing
  • Let GO and LET GOD
  • Dream
  • Fantasize
  • Go walk about
  • Lose everything
  • Give it all away
    … and more of whatever YOU do to GET AWAY from it all

The master of fantasy, vision and creativity, AIJ, aka Adrienne has madefantasy
some random titles of blog posts (listed below) She or a selected guest blogger will write a fantasy story based on this title… i mean F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.
ANYTHING goes… [STOP RIGHT THERE AND HOLD ON] …except that somehow Japan MUST be weaved into EVERY Post.  That is the only pre-requisite. Easy peasy right?

These stories could be just what you have been looking for to forget your fears, worries and allow you to escape and possibly realise that YOU can OVERCOME anything with your creativity once you land back onto earth. Oh and by the by…we are ALL SuperHeroes.

So let the games begin> Here is the list of post titles. These may change ANYTIME at the will and fancy of AIJ

Blog Post Titles needing a fantasy story:

1. Decisions and Adjustments
2. Things I like in Japan #2
3. Craft Time: Pumpkin Bags
4. Pinatas and pumpkins
5. Travel: Iga
6. Let’s Go to the Movies
7. Halloween, Trick or Treat
8. A special kind of Halloween Costume
9. Too mny Cooks in the Kitchen
10. Craft time: Body parts bear

Note: these don’t need to be written in order.. take your pick

If you have Zero Clue what i am talking about go here to “why golliwood?”

Happy travels!!